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Welcome to DGA Games – the ultimate gaming hub.

DGA Games is the brainchild of Aldo Heath, an avid video gamer with a passion for everything gaming. Aldo decided to establish DGA Games as an online portal for fellow gamers to network and connect, but more importantly to share their views on the latest in gaming trends.

Even though the site had humble beginnings, it grew and Aldo had to get some help to run the site. Now, we are a formidable team of gamers, tech journalists and writers who all share the same passion for all sorts of gaming.

Here’s what you can expect at DGA Games:


As avid gamers, we know all there is to know about gaming. From strategy, to action to good old online gaming and card games. Our panel of experts provide step-by-step guides to ensure you can expect a fantastic gaming experience.


We keep in the know of what is hip and happening in the world of gaming. Keep an eye out for some of the latest reviews on the hottest games out there. We’ll give you key insights as to whether or not a new game is worth trying out.


Trust us to keep you updated with the latest news in the world of gaming. Whether you want updates on the latest tournaments, or insights on sports betting, we’ve got all your gaming news and events covered.

Gaming is in our blood, and we love sharing our views and opinions on specific games. We also have a couple of card game experts on our team, all ready to share their most valuable tips and pointers for hours of gaming fun. Stick around if you want to take your gaming up one (or more) level.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to have a chat about your favorite video or card game! We’d love to hear from you.