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What is Magic: The Gathering?

Magic: The Gathering, or MTG, is a fantasy card trading game that is popular worldwide. Players build a deck and the game can be played in different formats and variations.

Who created Magic: The Gathering?

Richard Garfield is the inventor of this popular card game. He created it while completing a doctorate in mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Where can I play Magic: The Gathering?

MTG can be played anywhere, even online! There are MTG clubs all around the world where players have tournaments and gaming nights every Friday where you get to interact with fellow players.

How many cards are there in Magic: The Gathering?

The exact number of cards are not known, but there are currently an estimated fifteen thousand cards in total. The number of cards is always increasing.

How does Magic: The Gathering work?

If you’ve never played it before, we recommend watching a tutorial online first. The gist of it boils down to tapping land cards and spending mana (cast spells).

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