8 Of the Best Card Games for the Whole Family - 8 Of the Best Card Games for the Whole Family

8 Of the Best Card Games for the Whole Family

In a tech-driven world, it is very easy to be bogged down with video games and keeping our eyes locked on screens. But what happened to the good old days when families used to have game nights and everyone got together and played some games? While some families still play games, this is sadly not the case for everyone.

There is no better way than to have a tech-free evening than to spend some time around the table with a deck of playing cards. And, things have changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. You’ll now have multiple great and entertaining options to pick and choose from, one that suits just about any occasion.

In this post we take a look at our list of the very best card games for kids and grownups. Are you ready to get your game on? Let’s get cracking!

1. Deer in the Headlights

This game is perfect for two players, but more can join in the fun! The goal is to lose all your cards, but there’s a catch. You get two decks of cards and three wooden dice. The dice determines whether you can or cannot discard some of your cards.

2. Dutch Blitz

Another fast-paced card game that affords fun for the whole family is Dutch Blitz. Here, you also need to get rid of all your cards as fast as possible, the person who has not cards win! Players start off with having a total of ten cards each.

3. Five Crowns

If you love playing solitaire, you are going to love this! Instead of playing on your phone or PC, you can play this with cards, and 6 other players can join in the fun. You are, of course, also able to play by yourself if you want to.

5. Cards Against Humanity

This cult classic is best played when the kiddies aren’t at home. It also makes for great party fun! Each deck consists of white and black cards, and players have to use black cards to ask questions, and white cards to answer them. Answers are often X-rated and funny.

6. Monopoly Deal

Don’t feel like sitting through hours of a Monopoly game? The Monopoly Deal card game is a great alternative! The objective stays the same, yet it only takes about 15 minutes to complete the game. The game comes with instructions and a deck of 110 cards.

7. UNO

The perfect fast-paced card game for the entire family! The objective of UNO is to be the first person with no cards left. But be careful, it takes some strategizing and careful consideration to outwit your fellow players.

8. What Do You Meme?

Finally, we have another all-adult card game on our list. If you love memes, you’ll love playing this with friends. The objective of the game is to gather as many points as possible by linking a popular meme with a hilarious (crude) caption.

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As you can see you can literally take your pick from any of these entertaining games and have a fun-filled night with family and friends. If you love card games, and you have some questions, be sure to visit our FAQ page. Have fun!

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